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How to Choose a Best Free Joomla Template for Your Website

The availability of Free Joomla Templates has made the job of developing a website easier than the earlier time. But when it comes to select a best Joomla theme for your website which can make a good presence in you market is really a tough task. Because there is an old saying that your first impression is your last impression. So your website can’t impress your client then it is totally worthless that how much qualitative you are. 

So you need to be more careful while selecting a perfect template for your website. In this article we will share our expertise on picking the best joomla template design for your business website. There are many factors you need to keep in mind while picking a profession joomla template.

Tips to choose a perfect template for your website.

Pick the relevant theme to your niche

Relevancy matters a lot while you are selecting a website theme for your business. You should pick a template that relates to your industry. For example if you have a website design company then choose a business theme, don’t go with the fashion theme. Because choosing a relevant theme can reduce your lot of layout and content optimization work. So always go with a theme that related to your industry.

Strive for Simplicity

There are a lot of Joomla template available in the market that are very fancy by look but they provide very complex functionality. So I will suggest you to don’t go with a fancy one but choose a simple and clear template. It will be easy to edit and you can do what you want with it. The most important part while you are checking the template is its functionality. Make a check that what functionality this particular template is offering to you. And is it helpful to run your website smoothly and without hurdles.

Check for the Browser Compatibility  

Browser Compatibility is the important factor you need to check while selecting a website template design for your website. Because a good entrepreneur never want to leave anyone behind for his competitor. There are many website or template designer who ignore the IE browser but it is must to check that the template you are choosing is compatible with all kind of browsers and its outdated and latest versions.  Because there is a large audience who are using outdated browsers like Internet explorer.

Check for the Mobile Responsiveness  

Mobile Friendliness is the most important and useful factor to check while you are going to select a template or theme for your website. It is good for your mobile users and your website SEO. If you know then Google outrank many popular website from Mobile ranking who have not a mobile friendly website. The second reason is that most of the audience are using mobile phones to surf internet and if your website will not be their screen friendly then it will annoy them and they will go with your competitor. So before making your final decision, check that the template is fully all screen friendly or not. If it is not, then don’t go with it. Find another one.

Be aware of T&C

Yes, before using a Free Joomla Template or Free WordPress Template, understand their term and conditions. There are many free theme provider who are demanding a lot of backlinks from your website. If your author demanding more backlinks from your website, move on. There are many free website template provider, check out them. Always follow the terms of service because we appreciate the work of all designers and we want them to keep producing good themes for us.

So if you are looking for Free Joomla Theme which could be mobile friendly, then we have recently launched our new free joomla business template “JD New York”. You can download it for free.

Check for User Experience

Your users are everything for you. While you are selecting your website template. Spend some time for quality research and make a list of professional website template which have good user experience. While you will check the user experience, check it from user perspective that how user will feel when he will be on your website. Is navigation is good? How’s the font readability? How simple it is working? Find out all the answers in the template and make your decision.

Check for the Visual Impact

Visual are the important elements that attract your visitors. So always check that the template or theme’s graphics can attract your visitors. Are the visual effects are friendly with your audience behavior. If your audience is related to fashion, then they will not be interested in business visual effect. They need more creative and attractive.

Functionality Matters a Lot

Before we discussed about template visual factors and mostly external factors. But only these are not enough. You need to check out that what functionality your template is offering. How it is working. Will it fulfill your requirements or not. Will it work according to your requirements or not. Check out all these elements. And then check how simple is its functionality.

Wrapping up…

These are the key elements you need to keep in your mind while selecting a Professional Joomla Template. And don’t forget to check that what kind of support they are offering. Most time when you download free Joomla Template, mostly theme provider, provide limited support. 

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