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JD Builder 1.11 is Here With FontAwesome Pro Integration

We are standing on the verge of 2020, and to make a worth-remembering wrap-up of this year, we have decided to give you all an amazing update for JD builder. Yes, you read it correctly. JD builder version 1.11.0 is here. And just like every update, we’ve again got some awe-striking features, so let’s roll down to learn in detail.

Updates at a Glance

  1. Buttons group Element
  2. Facebook buttons Element
  3. FontAwesome Pro integration
  4. Time field type in the form builder
  5. Invisible captcha integration in the form builder and few more bug fixes and performance improvements
JD Builder 1.11 is Here With FontAwesome Pro Integration

JD Builder Got Two Brand New Elements

The JD builder is already filled up with plenty of unique and extremely useful elements, which not only makes a website robust but also gives them a creative edge. But since we always strive to serve more powerful elements, we are introducing two new ones.

Buttons Group

Have you ever been through the hassle of adding and styling a group of buttons? You must have surely been through. Adding more than one button in the series takes a little longer. And when it comes to editing and styling them with proper synchronization, it may take way more time.

However, with the help of our new button group element. You don’t have to go through this much hassle. It liberates you to add a group of buttons (horizontally and vertically as per the need) on your website’s page. Within a single click, you’ll be able to add a new button in the series.

In addition, this element also comes with a lot of colors, fonts, and styling options which makes it super easy to edit buttons. Whether you want to edit a single button of a group or want to edit them collectively, this feature allows you either way. To know how to use Buttons group element, have a look at its detailed documentations

Facebook Button

We are about to enter 2021, and this era surely demands quick and smooth processes. And the Facebook button is created focusing on the same. This powerful element makes your webpage get likes, shares, and recommendations directly from your website, without redirecting users into Facebook. And hence, the bounce rate and exit rate of your website will be reduced and alternatively, you are getting social signals which will help you to rank on the search engines.

You can add these buttons in 4 different styling options. Moreover, you can also choose whether you want the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons together, ‘recommend’ and ‘share’ buttons together, or only ‘like’ button.

In addition, you can also choose whether you want to show the number of likes or not. To know more about how to use it, you can have a look at its detailed documentation.

FontAwesome pro integration

Icons are never enough, right?

To make your content and webpage eye-catchy, icons can surely help. It makes a CTA visually appealing and with FontAwesome pro-integration, we have icons for literally most of the things.

FontAwesome pro integration with JD builder provides a dynamic range of 7,865 icons, who are collectively from 4 different and unique styles. You can choose duotone icons, professionally designed icons, near-infinite icons, and many more.

Time field type in the form builder

Do you wish to take appointments through the form on your website? If yes, then we have something for you with this update.

Generally, a typical form contains mandatory fields like name, email, mobile number, message body, etc. But if you wish to add a field through which you can take an appointment from your user, then the time-field type can help you in the same. This adds a field in your form through which users can share the time as per your company’s demand.

JD Builder 1.11 is Here With FontAwesome Pro Integration

Invisible reCAPTCHA integration in the form builder

reCAPTCHA saves our businesses from spam through forms that we place on our website. But since an average person visits 9-12 websites a day, it gets annoying for a real human to prove again and again that he’s not a robot.

And this is exactly where invisible reCAPTCHA helps. It automatically detects whether an individual is a human or not and saves users to go from that one extra step while filling up the form.


With the years of hustle and bustle, we have always aimed to improve our JD builder. And one thing which stays constant alongside is support from you all. We always aim to provide the best features to our huge user base of JD builder, and these updates are examples of our content growth. Hope y’all are happy to receive these updates, do let us know your views in the comment section.

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