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Astroid Template Framework

Astroid Template Framework

Advanced Template Framework for Joomla

Version: 2.2.3 | Updated On: July 22, 2019 | Downloads: 161


v1.3.0: 31-Aug-2018

  • Column Level Class and ID
  • Users can use html tag in banner title input field.
  • Functionality to add Custom CSS and JS files. #15
  • FontAwesome updated to 5.3.1
  • Joomla 3.8.12 updated in quickstart package
  • Register Login 1.9 updated in quickstart package
  • Coming Soon page fixed
  • Error page Typography fixed
  • Debug & Error reporting is now working on Error page
  • Setting export functionality fixed for Firefox
  • Mobile menu issue fixed
  • Body background color issue fixed in boxed layout
  • Fixed menu assignment in quickstart package. #16
  • Removed error.php file from template frontend folder.

v1.2.1: 16-Aug-2018

  • Split title module chrome Added
  • Performance improvement in the header
  • Duplicating Astroid Template issue resolved (#12)

v1.2.0: 14-Aug-2018

  • Custom Grid Options Added
  • Section Color Options Added
  • Sub level Menu Options Added
  • Custom Social Profile Option Added
  • Column Resizing Logic updated
  • Font Awesome Library updated
  • Fix Typography issues (#10)
  • Moved all astroid based templates params to #__astroid_templates table.
  • Astroid footer section renamed to copyright section and merged in miscellaneous
  • Footer Color Option removed

v1.1.3: 06-Aug-2018

  • Frontend folder override functionality added.
  • WhatsApp language Added
  • Missing Social icons added in Social Profile list
  • px, em, rem, pt, % Units added in Typography
  • Language filtered
  • Banner Element improved
  • Joomla 3.8.11 compatible
  • Social Profile list ordering improved

v1.1.2: 30-Jul-2018

  • Frontend and Backend RTL Compatible
  • Custom CSS and SCSS functionality added. (Now, you can create your own custom CSS and SCSS file)
  • Bootstrap version updated to v4.1.3
  • Google font loading bug fixed

v1.1.1: 23-Jul-2018

  • VK Social profile Added
  • Close icon(X) on offcanvas and mobile menu Added
  • Favicon added on 404 page
  • Sticky header Improved
  • Main menu Color improvement
  • Removed extra container from Stacked Layout
  • Removed default location and phone number from Contact information
  • Removed extra margin on logo from Stacked Style 2

v1.1.0: 17-Jul-2018

  • Section container layouts with more options
  • Frontend editing overrides
  • Added Banner Element
  • Added Banner option in Menu item settings
  • Added Flickr icon to the Social Profiles
  • Updated language file
  • Some other bug fixed
  • Backend UI/UX improved
  • Column calculation with component area
  • Astroid admin security
  • CRSF Token on post requests
  • Import/Export buttons for better positioning.

v1.0.2: 03-Jul-2018

  • Critical and minor HTML bug resolved

v1.0.1: 01-Jul-2018

  • Default Parameter updated
  • Off-Canvas and Mobile Menu bug fixed

Kunena v1.0: 01-Jun-2018

  • Initial Release