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MijoSEF Vs ArtioSEF Vs Sh404SEF

Without the Search Engine Optimization, you can’t even assume the top ranking for your website. So for the better SEO optimization of your Joomla website you need best SEO component to make your Joomla! URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata generation capabilities.

But it is very hard to choose the best Joomla SEF Extension especially to know which one is the most reliable because no one wants to pay for something on which he needs to spend a couple of hours on fixing the bugs and maintaining it on the regular basis.

So in this article, we are discussing the three best Joomla URL Manager or SEF Components.

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Let’s Go ahead and get started.

MijoSEF Vs ArtioSEF Vs Sh404SEF

  1. MijoSef
  2. ArtioSEF
  3. SH404SEF
  4. Conclusion


The advantage of having MijoSEF is that it comes in a free basic version (with a link to MijoSEF). User ratings on the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) for MijoSEF are pretty good, so reason enough to try it out. For many sites, Mijosef component basic version already offers all the functionality according to your need. For more advanced features, you have to buy a paid version. Also, to work with some extensions, like K2, a separate plugin needs to be purchased.

The primary function is the rerouting of non-SEF URL’s to the SEF ones, plus setting a canonical URL, which helps to protect from duplicate URL issues. This seems to be done nicely. Also In Mijosef duplicate URL’s with or without slashes can be removed/fixed. If we talk about some more features we have another feature to add is where we will have an automatic creation of few meta-data, which can be done based on frequent words used in the text. Whether it is good to use this remains questionable. Personally, I would disable this feature; default enables it.


  • Excellent method of managing metadata
  • Support for tags
  • Support for 3rd-party extensions
  • Support for multi-language sites (Falang and JoomFish)
  • Able to configure 404-page
  • Logs of 404-errors
  • Automatic sitemap generation 


ARTIO JoomSEF is another SEO (Search Engine Optimization) component for Joomla! That will make your URL’s Search Engine Friendly (SEF). SEO component is used to make your Joomla! URLs SEF meaning human can easily understand it with metadata and also sitemap generation capacity.Supports URL translations at multilingual sites using JoomFish. Custom 404 Page Not Found, duplicates URLs management…

Key features:

  •  It generates SEF URLs
  • Artiosef has advanced SEF URL management
  • Create and manage metadata (component – based)
  • It has sitemap generation option
  • It has awesome keywords management
  • Duplicates management
  • Multilanguage  support (JoomFish) and URL accumulation
  • Editing .htaccess capability
  • URL variables filter option – prevent URL code injections
  • URL source helps you to distribute problematic code
  • Management of 301 Redirections
  • Customization of 404 Page Not Found
  • Extension installations and online upgrades


The best known full SEO extension for Joomla is SH404SEF probably. It is a commercial extension which has been there for a long time. It is available for all Joomla versions. It has to be a lot of capacity to optimize your site, but for less trained site administrators. Also, with the wrong use of your settings and parameters, your SEO efforts might have a reverse effect, so be sure what you are doing.

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Besides the SEO configuration, the extension has additional features:

  •  Google Analytics dashboard built in
  • included Social sharing options
  • Optional security features to block spammers and hackers

Key features:

  • Cards support For Twitter
  • Universal support  for  Google Analytics
  • Quickly make an override in template
  • Much  improved SEO of paginated content
  • speeds up sh404SEF.
  • Add social media icons to website
  • Generate automatically  tiny URLs (shURLs) for your content
  • Bulk metadata management in Multi-lingual site
  • Easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URL
  • Global support for canonical URLs (add rel=”canonical” HTTP headers)
  • Remove duplicate URLs.
  • Support for Google News URL format
  • Customizing  page title and page description are easy
  • Create 404 error page with relevant links and other info
  • Remove malicious page requests


We have been using SEF Advance and sh404Sef  from a long time, and both are easy to understand

Hopefully, any URL manager that you move to should have a migrator. I will personally wouldn’t  risk moving SEF extensions if the site and the SEF extensions both are contributing and ranking well. The great deal is risked in moving the URLs if 100% of them not the same or aren’t 301 redirected after the move. I have been using SH404SEF, which did a great job. However I’m not able to give an opinion about the other two extensions since are paid, and the free version of MijoSEF doesn’t provide the identical features to make a fair comparison.

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