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A large number of websites are popping up every day on the internet. No web development knowledge is required as many CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are present that can build your site within minutes. The only requirement that is needed is a suitable domain name and a good website hosting plan to make your website live on the internet.

Hosting24 is a premium web hosting provider that hosts a majority of websites on the internet. It has both, shared hosting as well as VPS hosting services. In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. Whereas in VPS hosting only your website is hosted on one server and a dedicated support is provided to you 24X7.

Apart from these services, Hosting24 also supports cPanel hosting and Reseller hosting. Hosting24 also provides you with domain name services. If you are planning to buy web hosting then you can buy the domain name for free.

Hosting24 Overview:

  1. Shared Web hosting
  2. VPS Web hosting
  3. Reseller Web hosting
  4. Domain name services
  5. Website builder

Let us talk about the rich features that Hosting24 boasts about:

Unlimited shared hosting plan

Hosting24 has a very efficient Linux shared hosting plans for the ones looking to start their own website. You can easily upgrade to Hosting24 from your existing hosting provider as it has a far better hosting infrastructure. It has a powerful email hosting service powered by cloud SMTP delivery which guarantees you a very reliable email delivery service.

Reliable VPS web hosting plan

It is the dedicated web hosting plan of Hosting24. This is the feature why Hosting24 is so popular among all the bloggers and website owners. At a very affordable price plan, you can have a dependable and secure web hosting. The best feature about is that it conducts automatic weekly backups to secure your files and data. It gives your site a free SSL certificate that improves the site’s SEO rank and full SSD drive storage with large disk space to store your data.

Reseller web hosting plan

If you are an entrepreneur and starting out an online business then this Reseller web hosting plan is the perfect choice for you. With its powerful WHM and cPanel infrastructure, you can create and customize your own packages and resource limitations. Equipped with a one-click auto installer it has unlimited disk space and bandwidth to help you make your business a known brand.

Domain name services

Apart from a range of great web hosting services that are provided by Hosting24, domain name services are also provided to the user. Here you can search and register for your favorite domain name. Hosting24 is accredited ICANN registrar and has a very affordable rate. You have the option of selecting multiple extensions for your domain name like .com, .in, .net, etc. Also, if you buy both domain name and web hosting service, then you only need to pay for the hosting charges and the domain name comes free of cost.

Website builder

After you buy the domain name and web hosting, comes the real task of website building. With Hosting24 you don’t have to worry about building your website. With a very simple drag and drop feature, you can design your site and no coding knowledge is required. There is a range of templates to choose from and the website builder is made keeping the SEO of the site in mind. You can add contact forms and even shopping carts to set up an eCommerce website. It is also mobile friendly and that is why it is most preferred by the users.

Let's have a look at the pros and cons of Hosting24:


  1. Hosting24 is a very affordable web hosting provider for everyone, be it a beginner blogger or a business owner.
  2. It has a Reseller web hosting plan which is especially for anyone willing to start an online business.
  3. With just a single click CMS installation and website builder feature, you can setup a website within minutes.
  4. It also has domain name services where you can also buy a domain for your website apart from web hosting.
  5. If you buy both, domain and hosting from it then you only need to pay for the hosting charges.


  1. Its shared hosting plan is not as good as VPS hosting plan. The features and support are comparatively less.
  2. Very rarely anyone will buy a domain name from here. It relatively has no use.
  3. If you want better support and more features, then its VPS hosting plan would be a better option.

Plans and Pricing

It has separate plans for its 3 kinds of hosting- Shared, VPS and Reseller.

1. Shared Web hosting

It has 3 kinds of plans.

  • Single Web hosting
  • Premium Web hosting
  • Business Web hosting

In Single Web hosting plan, you can have just 1 website with 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. It supports 1 MySQL database and 1 email account.

Cost- $2.15 per month

In Premium Web hosting plan you can have an unlimited number of websites. It gives you unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases and email accounts.

Cost- $3.49 per month

In Business Web hosting plan you have all the features as you have in the premium plan. Apart from it you get a free domain name, free SSL certificate and live support every time.

Cost- $7.95 per month

2. VPS Web hosting

It has a total of 8 plan types.

  • VPS Server Plan 1
    Cost- $10.78 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 2
    Cost- $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 3
    Cost- $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 4
    Cost- $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 5
    Cost- $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 6
    Cost- $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 7
    Cost- $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 8-
    Cost- $21.56 per month

3. Reseller Web hosting

It has 2 kinds of plans.

  • cPanel Reseller starter
  • cPanel Reseller business

In cPanel Reseller starter hosting plan you can have unlimited websites with 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth. You have automatic backups, CloudFlare DDoS protection, and cloud SMTP delivery.

Cost- $25.99 per month

In cPanel Reseller business hosting plan you can have unlimited websites with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You are given WHM access and free SSL security certificate for your website.

Cost- $41.99 per month

All in all, Hosting24 is a pretty good web hosting provider for almost any kind of needs. From a simple website hosting to hosting a big eCommerce website, Hosting24 supports all. The prices are also affordable considering the services it is providing. So if you want a reliable, secure and an affordable web hosting plan. Go with Hosting24.

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