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We have launched another template this March 2018. This time we came with eCommerce Joomla template. So in this article, I am going to share how to set up an e-commerce store with JD Shop Joomla template and also going to review its key features which make this stunning eCommerce template unique in the crowd.

JD Shop is built on a robust framework Helix 3 and built with drag and drop page builder so you can easily create and customize the look and feel of your online store as you want. With the help of JD Shop Template, you can setup any niche specific store i.e. shoe store, fashion store, or any kind of electronic store in just a few moments.

JD Shop is based on Hikashop Shopping Cart extension which allows you to add unique and advanced features to your store and run smoothly. This template comes with customized product category layouts, product listing layouts, product detail pages, shopping cart, checkout and all other Joomla default pages.

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So now, let’s begin with its key features:

Why should you choose JD Shop Template for your store?

Fully Hikashop Compatible

Hikashop is fully compatible with Joomla and Joomla templates but if you need customized look and feel, you need to make custom development and styles. There are many Hikashop templates available in the market but they only provide the basic styling and customization. JD Shop comes with advanced customizations and features like advanced search which returns you products with images and filter options. In other words, this eCommerce Joomla template is a readymade online shop on which you just have to add your products and data and you are ready to sell your products.

Advanced Search

For an eCommerce website, each and every template comes with the Joomla default search which just shows you the content. The logic behind search feature on e-commerce websites is that when the user makes any search, it should return the products instead of the content. So in JD Shop Online store template, we have integrated Hikashop search which returns the products with filter options when any user makes any search for the products. You don’t need to play with any custom codes to make your website fully functional.

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Attractive Slider

Sliding content can attract any visitor towards your website. You can also display more content with graphics in less space with the help of a slider. The biggest advantage of using a slider on an eCommerce website is that you can show your featured products and also show any kind of promotion if you are running. So for the slider, we are using SmartSlider3 Pro (You can save $25 here because we are giving away activated version along with the JD Shop template.). It is a next-generation visual editor to create responsive, animated Sliders and Blocks. You can create sliders and sliding blocks easily with it.

Category Specific Product Slider

When it comes to custom Hikashop templates, JD Shop has many additional features to showcase your products on the different pages. We have developed many different page builder add-ons for Hikashop. So if you want to add a category specific slider in which you can show New Arrival products, Hot Products, and Best-selling products in tabular form along with a slider, you can just add this by dragging the element in the page and you are done.

Shop by Categories

Again, to extend the functionality of online store Hikashop theme, we have developed another page builder add-on called JD Hikashop Categories which allow you to display product from different categories in tabular form along with a sale banner. It will help you to increase your conversion rate on your Joomla store. You can simply add this add-on on any page by just dragging on to the specific location. Most importantly, you can display this add-on in as many sections as you want.

Hikashop Template

Sale Slider

Sale! Sale! Sale! When anyone hears or read these magical words, you can’t stop yourself to check what is in the sale. And when there is a countdown timer on the sale, you can’t stop to purchase that product because you don’t want to lose the discounted offer. So to play with your visitor’s mind we have developed another add-on which will help you to run sales countdown timer. Simple add this add-on on any page and start the countdown timer.

JD Sale Slider for Hikashop Template

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Customized Blog Layout

Content and conversions are the two sides of a single coin. If the Conversions are queen then the content is the King. So to increase the conversions on your eCommerce store, you need to educate your visitors with powerful content around your products. In simple words, you can say that to sell your products, you need to educate your audience. And if you don’t have an attractive content presentation, it doesn’t matter how qualitative content you have written. So we have integrated Easy Blog and K2 with Hikashop to provide you a customized blog layout to present your content in an impressive way. Check out the blog layout demo to explore the beauty of JD Shop Blog.

Supports all eCommerce pages

Product listing, product details, category page, cart page, checkout page, etc. are the most important pages that are needed to build an eCommerce website. And these are the important pages where user spend most of the time when they come to purchase any product. If these pages are not designed well or are confusing the users, they will simply exit from your website. So we have designed all these important pages for creating a better user experience when they visit your website.

100% Responsive store Joomla template

Having a responsive layout is not only important for better user experience but it is also important for ranking on Google as well. After the Google Mobilegeddon update, it is important to have a responsive website design if you want to rank higher than your competitor. And we care about you so we have developed a fully responsive store layout which adapts the layout according to the screen size. You don’t need to code differently for mobile or desktop devices. Simply download and install JD Shop and skyrocket your sales from smartphones and desktops.

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Powerful admin panel

JD Shop e-commerce Joomla template is powered by Helix framework. Its powerful admin panel allows you to customize your eCommerce website in a better and easy way. You can manage layout, menus, module positions, color preset and much more just from a single place. Just download the free e-commerce template and explore the beauty of JD Shop Template and then make a decision to purchase it.

There are a lot of many features of this template. If you like to try this template, download its free version and if you are satisfied with free e-commerce template, go with the premium version.

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