JoomDev is Now New Home for GraphicAholic Extensions


We are partnering with Ed Hathaway for the support and maintenance of all graphicaholic.com Joomla extensions

We, At JoomDev are very delighted to announce that we’ll be taking up the support and maintenance of 20 extensions that were previously maintained by Ed Hathaway at graphicaholic.com. Ed has been volunteering with Joomla for over a decade now and his extensions power thousands of websites. He is very well known in the Joomla community and is respected among the fellow Joomla members. But it’s time!

We first became acquainted with Ed in late 2018 when Ed was redoing his website using Astroid and came looking for support, It was love at first sight. I think it was the great support he received from our forum that convinced him to make the decision to choose us(over other prominent players in the Joomla realm) for the new home of his extensions. 

What Happened?

Well, Ed had his time and now it’s time for someone else to take over. Ed is just taking some time off from Joomla (temporarily or Permanently) and wants a new home for his extensions and that’s where we come in. Ed wanted to make sure that he’s not giving up on the thousands of users using his extensions and wanted someone competent and capable to carry forward the support, maintenance and updates of his extensions.

What Extensions?

The extensions range from a variety of different modules including the ability to Create Popups, Slideshow from Flickr, Google Calendar integration, Countdown Module, Embedding youtube playlists, Creating Tabs, Marquee, embedding social icons and much more.

Original Name Current Name Download Link
Age Checker - Pro JD Age Checker Download Now
WeatherAholic JD WeatherAholic Download Now
Bible Verse Reftagger JD Bible Verse Reftagger Download Now
modBlankO - Pro JD modBlankO Download Now
PopupAholic JD PopupAholic Download Now
GA Featured Table JD Featured Table Download Now
TableAholic JD TableAholic Download Now
CountdownAholic JD CountdownAholic Download Now
uTubeAholic JD uTubeAholic Download Now
MarqueeAholic JD MarqueeAholic Download Now
Responsive Photo Gallery JD Responsive Photo Gallery Download Now
Read More - Pro JD Read More Download Now
Dead Simple Social Share Buttons JD Simple Social Share Download Now
Social Payment JD Content Locker Download Now
Peek-A-Boo JD Peek-A-Boo Download Now
Flyout Tabs JD Flyout Tabs Download Now
Pixabay Gallery JD Pixabay Gallery Download Now
Google Calendar Scroller JD Google Calendar Download Now
Simple Flickr Slideshow JD Simple Flickr Slideshow Download Now
GalleryAholic JD GalleryAholic Download Now

What to Expect?

In my initial phone call with Ed we were talking about the idea of extensions and how he managed to keep all his extensions for Free, while providing excellent support and updates all these years. Well, we are going to keep his promise and legacy. All the extensions inherited from graphicaholic.com will still be 100% free and we’ll also try to keep his level of support and updates as well.

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